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Cowboy Coy & Flapjack Kids Storybook

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The Adventures of Cowboy Coy and Flapjack is a fiction story about a modern-day little cowboy who is trying to prove to his family how grown up he is.

His day starts off as any other day on the ranch, but today will be a little different. Cowboy Coy gets to stay home with his big brothers while his parents go to town. He completes his chores, saddles his horse, and a saves the day by rescuing a baby sheep! 

All in a day’s work for a cowboy, and he can’t wait to share it with his family at supper. But first, we say grace!

Tag along with Cowboy Coy for more adventures to come!

** Order your green COW BOY tee to match Cowboy Coy in the story! Available in Toddler - Youth!