Jaylen Evans

Meet 2020 Team Member:

Jaylen Evans


Jaylen is 15 Years old, and a Missouri Cowgirl. She is part of the Missouri Junior Rodeo Circuit, Heart of Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Association and the Missouri High School Rodeo Association.



Jaylen competes in Barrels, Poles, Team Roping and Breakaway. Jaylen was the 2019 All Around Champion with Missouri Junior Rodeo Association and finished in the top 8 with the Heart of Oklahoma Rodeo Association. 2020 will be the first year for Jaylen at the Missouri High School Rodeo Association.


Jaylen rides a Black Horse named ZZ Top, sorrel Horse named PeeWee and a Bay horse named Cooter. Her favorite Color is Blue and her favorite School subject is History.


Jaylen said she has a couple great accomplishments, one was when she won the Sportsmanship Award, it was a huge compliment to her attitude and personality. She is also proud of winning her horsemanship award, she worked hard all year long with her head horse and it payed off. Last but certainly not least she said she is proud of the 2019 All Around MJRC Cowgirl Award, and the beautiful saddle that came with that title.


Jaylen is a very caring and giving person, she has loaned out her horses for others to compete against her at events when their horses came up lame. She loves Jesus and is a proud Christian. She plans to do her best to live up to expectations in 2020 and stand out for Christ.