Bentley Mallett

Meet 2020 Team Member:

Bentley Mallett

Bentley is 7 Years old, and an Arkansas Cowboy. He is part of the Arkansas Family Rodeo Association.


Bentley is 1st in Mini Broncs and 2nd in Mini Bulls with the Arkansas Family Rodeo Association.


Bentley’s favorite Colors are Orange & Light Blue. His favorite School subjects are Lunch, PE and Writing.


Bentley says his greatest accomplishment was winning the Mutton Busting Trophy Saddle last year along with 4 other buckles. He was the youngest in most of the events he competed in but he never let that get the best of him and worked even harder to make his dreams come true. He is the first one to be by the side of kids younger than him encouraging them as they get on their first Sheep, Bronc or Bull. If they are missing gear he offers his, so they can compete and have what they need to succeed.


Bentley has been going to Winter Series Rodeo's to keep his focus for this Summer. He plans to work even harder than last year to be the best and attend as many Rodeo’s as his Mom can take him too in 2020.