Spurs - Hand Made - Toddler

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     Toddler Hand Made Spurs. These are the real deal, heavy duty, built to last as long as your hand needs them and then keep as a treasure for those future hands to pass down. 

    Made out of only the heaviest duty materials and with over 16 hours of labor in each set. They are truly unique and one of a kind. We know your little hand is going to love them! 

If you would like to have them plain or customize the initials we can do either!

Customizing with initials is an additional $60 for the set that will be copper initials on each spur. In the Notes section write the initials you would like. 

Otherwise the spurs will be solid silver, With no markings. (Will upload plain images soon.) 

*****PLEASE EXPECT 1-2 weeks shipping time for these with or without initials. As they are hand made and custom ordered for you!*****